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nomaD Not Mad EP

by First Born Art

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I just dropped off a piece for the auction I aint waiting on nobody wit that talkin 5 shows in 3 days I'm exhausted my mama told me Iont love her and I lost it Consistent attention I set my intention I did enough wishing My own competition Thats what i am Yea still got boundaries even tho we fam It's a lot of red dots but I ain't slowing down Im like damn I should have kept writing my dreams down when you talked in awhile just what you want to say turn around for a client in a couple days. Gotta hit the bank to check from my show just came Jack of all trades exposure for my name it is such a shame don't look at them The same Wrap the shirt i plastic this nigga so dramatic you said it now im spazzing don't ever doubt yo talent appreciate the challenge, I harmonize not balance I think it sounds stagnant the opening I'm a magnet I'm selling at the Tangent protect my peace (piece) no damage Nails in a wall I'm about to sell it all Im getting business calls In Flint in the fall I know it ain't my fault but we almost fought I wouldn't a felt bad she swung past my dad nomaD not mad I'm really feeling blis(s) I got the confidence I'm going through a shift I know its positive I stay on top of it Im on display at Blick 3 pieces getting shipped Im the only black artist at the show She bought a painting from me after i did her snow Told me crystal "show me everything i need to know" Got no reason to be scared im in a state of flow Im sleeping on the flo Thats where the money at You done burnt a bridge with me aint no crossing back I can add my own flame but im sleepy What i say make em notice that they needy
Hook: Breathing with my tongue at the roof of my mouth  I aint hold my tongue now I'm kicked out the house  Im so fed up i cant do nothing but shout  I can take yo word in yo voice im hearing doubt (x2) Verse: If you try to gas light me then I got the flame  I'm the youngest at the table soaking up the game  did my first out-of-state show for my name  all I got was disappointment waiting for your change  just as fast as it went another one then came  When the roads open up life is not the same exert your influence and maintain your frame shadow work got me prospering from all the pain You gone eat them words when you see I made it every time I make the news of the art related  and we still need to talk before its too belated  call me a hoe ass nigga that is too degrading  You gone eat that words when you see I made it  must be thinking of a lie cause that is not related  I aint sorry about what happened now its too belated  call me a hoe ass nigga that is too degrading
Hook: My intuition strong i am not alone Kept out the loop but in my dream it was shown Came a long from crying in my momma home Every solo show i did i hung it up alone Verse 1: Dont tell me what you think i wanna hear I aint giving in to no 2nd hamd fear I can tell you lying cause yo memories aint clear Hung up the phone she was crying in my ear My crate gotta sigil at the bottom We a never be the same cause that bottle I broke down when i seen that lil bottle Im a loner turned leader never follow Verse 2: Im a walking spell My name ring bells Like the 3rd eye Got over being shy I say the time is now I need to calm down I tend to over think Cant turn to a drink I mean what i speak Woke up feeling drained We'll never be the same Dont want them near my name Unexpected cuss back Got my ego on attack Never thought that i would rap I aint never coming back Be a last minute slack Found a  niche for my knack Monthly progress imma track Still scaling just to stack
Hook: Im in Kentucky You confrontation ducking Sometimes i am too Im gone offend you What i did this month was new Business to attend to Deadlines almost due Damn bro i fucking knew Verse: Looking at em different i done got mo distant  talking down on me to my auntie in the kitchen  That alcohol make you turn yo family to the villain Not giving up my power ill never be a victim I be speaking witchcraft on the Mixcraft But i still cant pull no pity out my hat You dont get no special treatment cause you got a title L.A in November saving up for my arrival Yea i love you too but lets not repeat this cycle I said what i said when i sent i made it final Fuck my side of the story aint nothing to prove If i start to dwell on it ill be in the blues All i can do is move on i got too much to lose You gone fold or figure out its up for you to choose Leave that human shit down there you look like food I aint even feel sorry when i heard the news
Hit the road at 11:11 This nigga talking at me like im a peasant Im a threat because my tongue is a weapon Showcase in Flint and then its starting at 7 Deals in my email check and respond Thinking bout trauma i cant keep calm Name the art show after my song Unknown Heights We drove not flight Heard what you said on the phone i aint like He took a X pill and i think he wanna fight Went to the herb store right there on Conant Dive in the abyss just to face my opponent Its a new beginning but iont think you want it Told you bout a call but you aint on it Stuck under the cover put a sigil on it Yelled at my mother giving up on her Self imposed deadline snake ass nigga i should bit you in yo spine  Tbat Dr York book opened up my eyes Looked up his name then i was surprised Write my name on a brown paper bag Moved on even tho im kinda mad Infront of grandma i went off on my dad Said sorry she left what we had Chasing red dots like im a cat I aint miss out if it came back Cant cut a grown man no slack He a Moor and i just said black Im recording in the back of the van Damn how you fuck my mans Then ask can we be friends Our cycle came to a end I been ripped up that deal My mind gone make it real Damn i just got the chills I saw my piece in a frame That auction for my name I aint gone say no names Dont ever take 40% percent Even if yo pockets lint I got the name from Mint Affirm wit my intent 5% tent Because im a god Im here i beat the odds I left the show wit a wad Them niggas out the squad Its something bout that 8 Im in another state I brought my custom crate She said i was her mate Regret now its too late
Hook: Ill be there in a minute im at baggage claim Im in Anaheim,Cali spreading out my name When the roads open up habits not the same She had left out the room and i felt drained Verse: You a grown ass man and you still blame Watch how you talk to me and I'll do the same On the flyer for the show where i see my name If you copying somebody that is not a lane My dog said his mom died i was so confused Same weekend had a auction and was on the news Told the bitch that i love her but i spoke too soon 3 in the morning meditating in a dark room Coming down off the shrooms in a cold room Sold 8 pieces when i said it in a tune Im having flashbacks of being in my momma house Getting cussed out and smoking weed on her couch Both times i manifested getting kicked out Over thinking i done talked myself out a chance Sun in my face with a book up in my hand Put the piece that i sold in the collector van When we chop it up he give me tips on my brand Talking shit about yo son to yo own friend Im so done with the ships its hard to trust again Did a tape in the room i was conceived in


All songs recorded in different cities/states over the past 3 months


released November 18, 2019


all rights reserved



First Born Art Detroit, Michigan

Damon Chamblis BKA First Born Art is a visual artist/producer/song-writer coming from Detroit, Michigan.His work often reflects on the subjects of esotericism,progression and social commentary. He wants to give the world something you can't find anywhere else. He's leaving his
mark in his city, but has his sights on global recognition.
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