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Leftward Joyous Prod PurppleKilll

by First Born Art

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Page 8 02:03
I came a long way i can only cringe Call me out my name you should call yo kids Crying in my face "forgive me what i did" Everything been syncing cause my mind is rigged Make a name in my city i be on the move Imma say "how you doing?" if you by my booth I aint mean to go off on you but that aint the truth Slip on vans imma draw a sigil on my shoe Red dot on the wall like 7 Up To my black dot light rising up brought the piece and my client picked it up i never lost no love but im like what the fuck Me and Branden did 3 shows in 3 days Coming back from Royal Oak on the free way I just made income from 3 ways I be in my back and its custom made Sold a piece off the screen at the DIA Did my first artist talk that was back in May Yo power took away when you saying "they" 2k miles away it cant break my day I accept it all how you wanna pay? My first year here my work on page 8
Hook: They aint gone be satisfied til im rich Getting frustrated as i start to itch Get in people faces when you find yo niche It aint working for imma have to switch The camera turn on me when i say my pitch Before she put me out i said "Fuck you bitch" Verse 1: I been waiting on this moment i dont need this shit What the fuck you going through dont tag me in this shit Iont know what happened to em thought i had the clips Iont care he was my least favorite clique I was in my painting pants when she sucked my dick Tape too long so i had to double disc Niggas spelled my name different when he did that diss Im not hanging around no copying ass bitch Verse 2: Sadness Anger Fueling my power Came in her mouth while we was in the shower Im noticing the programming while im watching power Take back yo authority Take back yo power If you dont do it somebody else will Only thing i took was some magnesium pills Doing random shit just so i can get a thrill From the artwork laid out give em chills Mone kicked me out cause i keep it too real I see repeating numbers when they hand me the bill
Im drinking tea in the Stratosphere I release all my fears Damn i need to get out of here Dont give up cause you so near Pulling cards i feel like Near You took a Ex pill with that beer You most like being sick huh Its 4pm you need to get up At the Historical Museum getting my dick sucked I worked on it so long why would i give it up For external things that wont fill me up Its always something its like i cant do enough I can help you after i help myself "Keep going in yo future i see wealth" You know me im all in i cant do nothing else If you gone be a artist get up out yo shell I was in my momma basement looking for some tails Nigella Sativa in between my nails In the McDonalds parking lot making a sale Dead kittens in the basement nigga what a smell My momma kicked me out cause i wasn't under her spell I cause apocalypse when i lift up the veil Visions off that Adderall i couldn't even tell I got a bit of everybody in my clientele
Hook: Chip on my shoulder when i woke up Started spazzing out when i spoke up Begging me for money you aint got no luck My painting got a glare when you hang it up Verse: Did what i did i guess it aint enough You can have the last word i said enough Put it on my resume its a must Itll still work out it aint no rush The universe do that type of shit Im done with that summer job shit I celebrate my accomplishments Taste buds fucked up from the condiments Lsd got me spitting chills in my body A overwhelming feeling Visions sold a piece So i had to film it it was for b-roll this is through Art Road Im drawing with the kids My art is up for bid At Charles H Wright You know you wasnt right You tried to threaten my life But fuck it shit thats life I got no choice to thrive Cant sit in the house and hide Iont like his vibe He dont keep his word At the cross roads where i put it in the dirt Programming yo mind with the symbol on my shirt You got hella talent but aint putting in no work You aint neva sold so you aint gone know yo worth You might come back but it might not be to earth Started crying when i seen my momma drink Got back in the bed and i cried myself to sleep How you gone get mad at me that aint how i think Cop a couple xans from the nigga who made this beat
Hook: No time to live in fear Thats what i like to hear Its only up from here Progressing with my peer When im on stage they cheer A step in my career To me its still not clear On whats bout to appear Verse: No pain no gain Im sending email campaigns My semen retained My uncle detained Doing the same got me looking insane Doing the same got me looking insane Living mundane Getting in the way Of what im doing Trying to escape I deified my energy I gave her all my energy Admiring her symmetry I choose wisely my imagery Im wiser with my words About me over heard She bit me where it hurt Just sold another shirt Engaging in commerce Im not looking for work Imma make something work My cousin off 3 percs Im showing at a church My table filled with merch Got pulled over and searched It coulda ended worse
Joy 02:21
Hook: Aint no point of getting high i still feel down Going everywhere just to get my name around Sell a piece off the mesh imma take it down If i didn't come over you wouldn't of been around Verse: Paying the price of my progress I think im over spending My momma accused me of stealing But we should be mending Retrograde got my tech tripping Fleas crawling on me got my body itching Im so paranoid it got me frustrated Relationship teaching me about patience Manifest i dont chase it Was scared of the change now i embrace it (x2) I liberate myself from my limitations Pushing buttons i used to be intimidated Dont tell them how long it took for you to make it Saturated market lets see who really make it
Hook: Turned 21 i just wiped a clean slate Thinking to myself whats gone come to me today i aint eating with you cause i know ya ass fake Heard you talking shit but wont say it to my face Verse: Oppression everywhere it don't matter whats yo race She was gone throw up so i couldn't fuck her face Im the wrong one so dont pick me to say grace I heard what you said about me to my Gma Im in my divine mind so iont pay em no mind Finesse the Q-Line Well at least i tried Kicked out i spoke my mind Sweet potato fries Fire sign grand trine Im off this red wine Abstract painting Abstract thinking She suck me in the museum and she swallowed the semen I hustle through the seasons I look like Huey Freeman I would hurt yo feelings if i told you my reason
Hook: Im living with a purpose Dont know why im nervous I think about it it still hurt me Im on my way and that's for certain Errbody tell me the same thing Anything i need to know is in my dreams How you talking when you got fake streams Caught that nigga first thing i did was scream Verse: Its gone work out but not how you think Tiger balm on my forehead when i sleep Got a headache because i didn't eat Did that sneaky shit now ion wanna speak Hands in my jar i should put yo ass in it You already at the bottom it wouldn't make a difference They say my voice need more conviction Where my uncle at is he in West Virginia I was in Decatur when i turned 22 Keep 3,2 and 6 always in my view Leave the art overnight we on day 2 Dont lighten up tighten up change what i do Missed a few chances but my year was still good Raffle piece got some weight cause its on wood Did a backyard mural in my own hood Had to tighten up my pp filter on my book If im at the wrong event then im overlooked Sacrifice to make room its a empty space Inner child said you done came a long way i aint where i wanna be i got no time to play
Glock print visable in a inappropriate setting Vinyasa yoga got me holding poses sweating Shaking my legs Shaking my head My uncle in the feds We picked up his bed Yo ego aint dead Them lies you fed Now you need to fast The downfall of cash Im smoking on some hash In Holly,Michigan Im highly interested I just wanna build some shit And destroy some old habits Them bills he showed me counterfeit Always on some sneaky shit Fell while in the mosh pit 1, 2, 3 not it Times meant to transmit She smile and say "stop it" That piercing under her top lip They said its called a smiley I cant help but admire Yo voice when you tired A job not safe Cause you can get fired This blue dolphin is fire Let me dry her While she out the shower Im not Lano im not painting no flowers Stop taking Basquiat logo Put mo thought into yo promo No mo fake smiling in photos
Free Shrooms 01:34
We shoulda handled this a better way Yea you heard it right I dont pray i cant speak on it too soon Went to a bonfire and got free shrooms When you buy a piece imma shake yo hand Went to the bathroom to skip to praying I guess im out of luck with a different place to sleep Do whats best for yo self don't think about me I aint tip her now she don't even want the piece I been selling my work since i was 13 All my nerves go away when the song play So i might aswell get my ass on that stage I had enough of it so i yelled out in rage Left some shrimp for a kitten outside of JJ's Dont tell me show me when you change up yo ways And whatever you do make sure you get paid


First Born Art & Tickaninny come together for their first joint project together with First Born Art rapping over the accelerated but freakish production of Tickaninny providing a compact but impactful listening experience


released July 30, 2019

Production By PurppleKilll
22nd Birthday Produced By Purpplekilll & First Born Art
Cover Art By First Born Art


all rights reserved



First Born Art Detroit, Michigan

Damon Chamblis BKA First Born Art is a visual artist/producer/song-writer coming from Detroit, Michigan.His work often reflects on the subjects of esotericism,progression and social commentary. He wants to give the world something you can't find anywhere else. He's leaving his
mark in his city, but has his sights on global recognition.
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