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Leftward Joyous II EP Prod PurppleKilll

by First Born Art

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Chatter 02:57
Chorus Call who you call cuz it do not matter meditating in the stool tuning out the chatter on the phone I hear you crying when I get my answer first thing I did was spazz I don't remember after x2 Verse: I got goals I forgot it ain't no spare time Ill never spare your feelings you aint spare mine road trip to New Orleans wasn't no airline Im front page on the paper with the headline if you want to see results you gone have to bleed begging you to calm down even saying please when you playing with my life ain't no taking heed she pulled a knife out on me when I tried to keep the keys I did cover art for Juan but he died off the E's It was messing up my focus I stop smoking weed Living in my truth you telling lies through yo tooth on my collar bone is a mark from your tooth even if its verbal still count it as abuse made it this far them workshops put to use don't compare them to me when we from the same roof even if is verbal still count it as abuse
Listen 01:51
Chorus: When i Don't listen I do better talk behind my back I don't want but Imma let her working last minute deadlines adding pressure Progressing wit my peer but you voicing out yo pressure ( x2) Verse: Voicing my displeasure a thriving artist? never my progress getting measured compare me all you want I'm knowing what I built started from my notebook then I made it real change in my energy field
Karma 02:04
Chorus: she said karma coming for me I ain't do shit once you saying sumin slick then my mood switch when I'm in my own space ain't no mood switch i aint talking like a victim when she swung and hit im from Detroit where niggas dying over glasses even though that im forgiving still going molasses it's my word against yours I going to say what happened woke up to a beating when I was done with napping Verse: my intuition never failed me so on it im acting you ain't never spare my feelings no softened reaction I was tripping let a title distract from my passion her feelings got crushed she said I'm a hoe you was trying to kill yourself and I was on the flo said she wanna overdose and I was saying no can't believe you brought this nigga to my studio I had stormed out the do I can't take it no mo pinned her down on the flo what we doing this fo ? only grandma helped me out when I was at my low dont give a fuck if thats my momma bro you just dont know the money I was spending on weed is going to my show you like to argue like them bitches that be on that show my heart done got so cold since I got chased in that snow
Chorus: Feeling joyous where I'm at but im wanting more when you stormed down the stairs I had closed the door it seem like you ain't change what's the distance for ? all the back and forth yelling got my voice sore Wanna some business with me but I ain't got the habits Im back to myself had a couple money attachment I ain't giving passes cuz them days you was absent I'm on the other side of the country cuz my talent Verse: in the liquor store I heard you tried to make a scene you would never catch me whining about the art scene if you was mad when you said it what the fuck you mean ? I can see that she depressed cuz aint nunin clean I ain't going back and forth with your mind-state January 28th my uncle court date my brothers moved to other states and they got it poppin it ain't nothing but inspiration as I work and watch em arguments with my momma my lil brotha watching waking up in the morning with my chest popping long nights in the stu I ain't going home even in the same room you talkin about me wrong make the call aint we grown ? out yo comfort zone with that shit that you pulled you still called my phone
10 Minutes 02:11
Chorus Talk to a god in the mirror a knife on the table she thought I was trying to kill her hang around a nigga he could have been yo killer bro already told me but I kind of figured my name in your mouth is it fucking with my image if i lash out then im pushed past my limit healing from what happened that's the reason why I'm distant affect you through the years but it happened in 10 minutes Do yo thang in Detroit but the crowd dead how you getting on my head but you not head ? almost burned down my bed you can smell the stench sitting by the vent I hear my momma talking shit Know that's common sense I'm no wrong one to doubt And it ain't true but it happened from your mouth I got the news it took a minute to hit me I still remember the text that my nigga Zik sent me my nerves riled up and stomach feeling empty from the bottom of my gut I had enough grabbed her liquor down the sink I poured the cup this the last straw I'm throwing out the cup stay on top don't procrastinate or rush
I just turned 23 Id be a fool if I strayed from being free he had a fair judge so she only gave him three I'm holding in my words cuz the rest they didn't see thinking about yourself but what about my mental health laugh all you want but I think you need some help aint like how it ended but I said how I felt I'm not gone complain play the cards I was dealt fires from my art show came in the mail never listen to em if I'm focused I can't fail I ain't feel for him when my dad was up in jail sumin i my was missing it was showing that my nails it's a good turnout but it's funny how it work out if I don't take a break then imma get burnt out talkin to my inner child knowing that I made him proud know my goal going to take a while get off the porch you too loud I just turned 23 I'd be a fool if I strayed from being free I'm doing something about it this aint how its about to be a star on yo hands but you trying to shit on me and I can't respect that


released April 22, 2020

All Beats By Purpplekilll
Chatter Prod By Purpplekilll & P1ates
Intro Vocals On Chatter From Ray Namaste
Intro Vocals On 10 Minutes From BrandVisions
Intro Vocals on 23rd Birthday From Hezikiah Chatmon


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First Born Art Detroit, Michigan

Damon Chamblis BKA First Born Art is a visual artist/producer/song-writer coming from Detroit, Michigan.His work often reflects on the subjects of esotericism,progression and social commentary. He wants to give the world something you can't find anywhere else. He's leaving his
mark in his city, but has his sights on global recognition.
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