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Expensive Soap EP Prod PurppleKilll

by First Born Art

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Active Wrist 02:05
Chorus: Pull a active risk to get a active wrist Fishscale got her nose like a Swedish Fish Feel the shrooms kicking they get active quick Cut and clear my bath how i handle it My fears gone in the wind what a breeze You cant say they sleeping on you all you buy is weed Yea they might not listen to you but you did yo seed You cant see whats in the way but its on yo feed Verse: When yo name coming up they gone buy a piece Next step in my career is to take a seat Make sure you switch it up so you dont repeat Sold a painting up on Burns made my own receipt Quartz heating up my palm when i put it on Oh he threatening yo life you shoulda keep em gone Blow my worries in the wind all my fears is gone Sell some pieces in New Orleans then im heading home I was born in the afternoon Put the crystals on the window ledge in the moon Self inflicted wounds for a moment coming soon Blowing off what i said cause you aint in tune
TrillzNoKap : My barber blessed you wit a fade he gotta cold cut Dont think u chilling in my hood and call it post up Dont think im playing when i say my niggas on one Im from da 4-1 beat em like he stole sumin Every day im chilling on my block look like a bae bae Dont give a fuck be quick to spend a bitch like she a Beyblade Slim thick she crunching on my nuts like imma Pay Day Im tired of da cap its rap I flipped a new page Niggas mad they wanna get some money but they inda way Outta town i trapped 20 hours look like they 38 Im tired of hearing all this bullshit bout you gone get a play I got facts to put you on you gotta really listening Dont talk about my life style that be the shit i witness That killing shit be on the news i gotta watch my pivit Unc told me that its worth the wait double count yo chicken First Born Art : Had a run for the chicken like I'm playing golf He bought a couple pieces of but I still told him off Had a partner for a minute but she threw me off Told my dog some real shit but he blew it off We aint on the same page she want to take some lines I ain't surprised at what you did cuz you repping slime Rapé in my nose speeding up the time Going off in the room next day we fine Fell asleep in the car off Tequila and Ec Getting put up out my stu I ain't tripping whats next. Got the news from the co op aint reply to my text I was 15 when it happened how im posing a threat? Niggas think I'm selling acid but i gave em my plug I worried about no family when a stranger show love Bonfire held for Tory niggas come just to judge Both my niggas mama died so I let go my grudge
Seam Seem 02:38
First Born Art : Headed back to Detroit iont wanna leave Dont ever tell me that its me you need Niggas feel insecure cause whats on they feed You complaining bout my prices but you buying weed Sold a piece to Hubert Massey that was last June 10 grams of Rapé and a bag of shrooms Sitting on my desk i aint do em yet Bug me while im meditating thats a Budapest Thats yo heart chakra if you feel it in yo chest Waking up to yo song but you fucked my ex Tried to give me some advice but that was just a test I cant listen to a nigga who aint at his best You gone learn for yo self cant tell you what yo do If you hold yo self back make a comment or two Come across em like me that's none or a few Seen Tory with no life i broke down at the view Imma talk about my Epps on the Mike Imma take these shrooms on Friday Night Tale the bath every day for three nights Get the piece from my stu or off my site P1ates I can guide you through the mud you just gotta stick with me And my pockets still extrude from the ransom Cut that bitch off 90 miles Kendly Janson Whats profit with out advances 20 years in Detroit im Jason Hanson I know the mitten like my palms how the fuck they gonna find me Kuribo line the coat if you is hip then how it go Came home on skined teeth with a bar tab Pink Muscato got her drowning shawty bout to go under And she woozie out the room like i Stone Cold Stunner Everyday average joe night felon Streets hotter than the summer heat the night felt it Streets hotter than the summer heat the night felt it
November 7th 03:02
Chorus: For yo inner power im a symbol In the living room I got this sigil It ain't no action taken without mental Anxiety make it hard but it's simple Understand take a chance to advance I laughed at yo light threat to my mans You cant even be consistent with your brand She put her life in danger that is not your friend Nigga blocked when I laughed at his threat the rapé got me dizzy and I sweat I should have hit you with my hands on your neck I aint feeling like yo son you get checked apologized then he said he in debt Building up my bridge to the not yet Lieing to my fam fucking up my rep Say my clients cant come thats a stretch Verse: That one shit you said What was that about Just met these people Im not up in that house I covered up the red We cant talk it out Aint say nothing to him When he was walking out Got the same symbol on the wall as my skin Landlord want me out so imma take it on the chin Pandemic going on dont want nobody in Got a bath in this jar imma take it at the inn


Detroit, Michigan is undoubtedly becoming (if not already) the next hub for talented rappers to emerge from. The seemingly endless reservoir of talent bubbling out of Detroit is not something to scoff at and First Born Art and producer Purpplekilll are no exception but what is “Expensive Soap”? When a person thinks of soap they typically think of it with one purpose which is to clean. Most individuals do not look at soap as a luxury item moreover that than something to disinfect with unaware of the luxury bar soaps that include diamond crusts, gold infusions with virgin honey, silver, and silk extracts just to name a few.


released December 21, 2020


all rights reserved



First Born Art Detroit, Michigan

Damon Chamblis BKA First Born Art is a visual artist/producer/song-writer coming from Detroit, Michigan.His work often reflects on the subjects of esotericism,progression and social commentary. He wants to give the world something you can't find anywhere else. He's leaving his
mark in his city, but has his sights on global recognition.
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