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by First Born Art

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hook: this is only the beginning my whole team winning we bout to make a killing im tryna make a living im tryna make a living with the gift the gift i was given in my life mission im tryna own a business verse: 7 blunts in rotation money behind the painting im in the sun baking these building gone stay vacant ? out here we tryna make it "its all bout the babies" the youth need direction underground where im protected dont let em get the method i got a real message investing in myself grabbing brushes off the shelf you follow like a elf i feel it in the air they put these titles on me cause the texture of my hair jumped the gate and almost fell jumped the gate and ripped my shirt watch my back i stay alert feelings getting hurt pages getting lurked it aint "all bad" because it could be worse i learned to watch my words 5am i hear the birds you getting on my nerves basement flood now everything is on the curb i know i sound disturbed getting ready for the purge its blood on my hand its blood on my pants throw you in the quicksand conscious niggas love to scam somebody get they mans midtown smelling like piss sucked into the abyss you wont see me again dont talk about me to yo friends they just gone follow trends
hook: Run up you get dropped Aint nobody watch Now you In my trunk locked You Bruised up and robbed Im flying down the Lodge its time for the swamp its time for the swamp its time for the swamp verse: Money pounds and ammunition thyroid got me clicking Burn the church down kill all the Christians Head on collision Another hit and run victim and im not the victim im out this bitch nigga You must be smoking sherm I feed you to the worms Smile on my face as i watch the house burn I threw a molotov Light the rag then i toss Carry a 7foot cross Control you witta doll Who the fuck laughing now ? i fucked up yo smile dump you at Belle Isle make ya body swim miles Don't let me see a clown oh bitch its going down chain yo leg to the car and we gone drive around town Get skinned by the street you a worthless piece of meat let yo body rot in the heat Leave you in the corn crops overkill i don't stop i keep fucking going i think i got a problem.. but its not really showing I cut off yo growing the blood overflowing imma demon like The Omen hacking bodies like coding Im off that LSA Drive the car into lake trunk locked you cant escape begging for life its too late
hook: all i see is blood its a body coming from the mud getting it out the mud bitch nigga you said what ? its a blood food oh yeah imma hold that grudge oh yea imma bring my sledge oh yea you gone catch this slug verse: boutta get my revenge come to kill you and yo friends the end of my knufe you gone feel all in yo fucking limbs close yo eyes befo i kill you like a lamb head tissue look like spam blood look like strawberry jam they wont catch my crime on they cam spray painted over they cam talk that shit to my pentagram dots on yo head like an exam broad day i got blood on my hands wrapped the corpse up in saran food drive i beat you with a can throw you in the back of the van looking like the scooby doo van Blood on yo scooby doo blanket i might as well bury you wit it cut off yo hair like a ticket yo only friends gone be the crickets stab you seven like them digits open up yo flesh like a biscuit burn you like a well done brisket too much man iont got a limit put a hit out on a infant yeah nigga even kids get it watch yo wig get splitted I hear the police coming right now 3 knocks then they bust the door down "get the fuck down on the ground" too late yo victims in the clouds when they got in nigga i pounced make em run to he lose a couple pounds
Nationwide on yo side but im not off LSD im bout to kill me a cop defense wounds you keep beggin me to stop I been here i just exist outside of time you a beast dont think that you divine make yo fucking spine shift like paradigms poured acid on yo face now you crying Tried to put a spell on me but it backfired defile yo virgin daughter in the circle of fire keep running eventually you gone get tired I put this beam on yo head liek the sun nigga like white people you get killed by the sun nigga imma graver digger not a gold digger must not be dead yet because i see you kicking iont got that much time because the clock is ticking after i dump yo body imma go watch The Pistons
hook: its time for the killing spree next day on channel 7 WXYZ breaking news at 3 its time for the killing spree next day on channel 7 WXYZ breaking news at 3 verse: breaking news at 5 i stab yo ass 5 times you wont leave out here alive iont give a fuck bout yo ass crying blood coming from yo eyes bound up and you tied out of breathe i got you tired im rolling harder than a tire i know you got money in yo (at)tire they wont catch me thru no wire If they catch me they gone fry me they only found half of dem bodies I wont tell where the rest at caught em by the foot in a bear trap cant walk so you look handicap toss you to the side like you just scraps Toss you round like a rag doll im talking broad day middle of the mall Verse 2: you got animosity ? you gone be on the news at 3 hang yo ass from a tree like its 1933 Get head fro ma fiend give her a lil cash sucking me while im driving i almost fucking crashed I stopped to get some gas from the station drink my victims blood iont gotta chase it feeling my heart racing beat you like a caveman i love to cause mayhem i dont like no peace Malice! Malice! feed you to the maggots kill the whole class now everybody absent thats too many caskets my weapon in my jacket im bout to kill this faggot its time to meet my Hatchet beat you wit a block of granite i dont do (deal) w attachment fuck everybody on that ballot its a tragedy like Hamlet
Snubnose to yo snottynose wash the blood off wit yo water hose you look like a urinal mat wit all dem holes yea im cool wit the arabs at the sto had to kill a nigga at the fucking sto threw the tapes away so cant nobody know then i threw my nigga Habibi some dough to keep his mouth shut and cause the business slow my face hot in the hood i gotta go they say "as above so below" but what that mean for my soul i dont know imma beat a nigga hoe wit a hoe
hook: chasing after lechery took yo check book now im doing forgery scram thru your accessories yea give it to me dont come near me i can feel the spirit dont come near me i can feel the spirit dont come near me i can feel the spirit dont come near me i can feel the spirit dont come near me i can feel the spirit i can feel the spirit verse: imma hurt you physically i dont hurt yo feelings toss you like peelings fuck yo house security You aint know it was me so you got up to look drag you wit a hook on yo feet thats after you get beat dont run thats tryna cheat yo flesh im gonna eat after i take all yo cheese Where that fucking safe? thought you was slick yo money in the vase checked under yo bed i see i got you nervous Cause you starting to sweat first i kill yo pet take all yo shit then im bout to jet which house im gone get next who the fuck im gone get next
My gun got a dick and titties like a tranny bust down the door i heard the scream from yo granny uncle was selling dope so they ran in on my granny my high kicked in oh shit i wasn't ready snort that line off that table feel like Sara Suten Seti drag you out yo bed and you grabbing for yo teddy Who the fuck you calling ? where we at it aint no signal yo family dont like so i know they aint gone miss you i was damaged as a child took me off my life mission you can call me Dode im the Ruff Magician not on a milk carton bitch this not the 50s but you still missing my serpent power hissing Splatter paint on the floor we can make it art related my heart filled wit hatred i dragged you in the basement and the house vacant thats what i do to agents crack yo skull on the pavement Break yo teeth on the curb i was meant to disturb reciting ancient words I cut up yo body refrigerate yo limbs lord forgive for my sins syke naw im playing no need to preserve so i left you there decaying this karma you re-paying this track you re-playing I got a stab for every mole on yo back cant cut yo bitch hair cause her ass wearing tracks Kanye not crazy he might be under physic attack you gone it aint no coming back
pour alcohol on yo bandage trip yo ass if you grabbing nigga you aint a savage i cant show yo ass madness Woke up you was in my trunk now yo ass wont shut up put a damn napkin over yo mouth bitch now yo ass knocked Chloroform that i got from Silkroad on Joy Road dodging potholes iont want you bitch you got mono iont want you bitch you got mono Folding up yo limbs like yo ass clothes now i got evidence on my clothes imma just give em to the thrift sto ha ha ha they dont even know Roach spray on yo weed you aint even know cut off yo face and put it on mine now im walking round w a new identity i aint even fuck i only sucked yo titties she so damn slow but she so pretty i never fucking said that i was a hippy did a workshop thats a quick 50 this shit so easy like leaving the city coming from the D where its so gritty immature bitch acting all kiddy dead body in the back so its fishy who the is yo mans ? that nigga look iffy iont wanna hit yo blunt fuck yo Swisher Mini dont try to play me liek im weak cause im skinny
verse : im putting two and two together man these niggas fake man these niggas fake i was hoping gates you gotta seal yo fate what im gone do today ? what you doing today ? hold up this not in May when we was goin far what about yo dreams nigga what about that c.r.e.a.m hook: fresh as fuck like free dress friday fresh as fuck like free dress friday im getting high today its free dress friday im getting high today its free dress friday im getting high today man niggas talking shit niggas look at my fit man these niggas talking shit these niggas hating on my fit bitch i picked this out the otha day im putting two and two together man yo shoes fake its free dress friday its free dress friday im putting two and two together man yo shoes fake its free dress friday its free dress friday fucked ha in the ass she shitted on my dick kicked her in the face with that nasty shit im smoking on this weed and it make me sick god damn god damn my clear ass piss god damn hold up i hit you wit my fist fucking broke yo fucking thumb you lil bitch
T Rex: im the muthafucking shit niggas always in my face like i aint tryna hear that shit bitch you need to back up for you step on my Mikes bitch i paid 200 for the right price bitch yea i get dem zips break it down if you need a gram yea we got the shits yea we got a muthafucking 3 for 25 come get lit backstage bitches getting lit and im signing tits First Born: in my bed bitch gone suck my dick and imma cum on her tits if she gimmie lip imma punch that bitch in her lip T Rex: Draco long as my dick and i got a clip eating brunch wit my bitch yall niggas aint on shit First Born : yall niggas aint on nunin turn over im cumin you see my gun now you runnin Tommy Wright runnin n gunnin by the way i came on her stomach T Rex: Usain Bolt to the check Nike joggin on my fat Louis belt yea i got yo bitch now she sucking dick Magnum condom on my fucking dick pulled it out now she fucking pregnant in this fucking bitch i dont do no babies get a abortion in this fucking bitch First Born : if you get an abortion the baby gone haunt you i aint een flaunting you fuck it ... fuck dat shit you aint my bitch we aint in public i aint cuffing imma fuck all yo cousins nigga i aint bluffing i aint playing what the fuck you saying nigga imma super saiyan Paintings on the wall she licking on my balls dont forget the balls shinin like Paul Wall got my dick sucked glory hole in the stall
Clouded judgement cuz you off a substance you saying one thing but im on a different subject talking bout i cant be trusted you pulled out a knife im not tryna get gutted with the truth yo words get rebutted pinned you down on the couch and you try to kick me in my stomach My brother in the room screaming stop i took the phone cuz you was tryna call the cops been watching too much Love and Hip Hop I think the damage all started with the death of yo pops and i look just like him so maybe you hitting me is you tryna strike him ? you know i look past the surface so them words aint hurting but you biting me did i dont know who does that to they kids (?) so possessive thats why you want me at the crib but i gotta spread my wings and live Before i got in the shower you called to say "sorry" but how many times can you be sorry how many times you gone speak of me harshly nauseated next morning cause last night you went to party told Rj "go back to sleep " otherwise he would be tardy at the end of the day i just want us to be hardy and get thru any hardships Saw a picture of my brother and i started crying she said she drink cause she got a fear of dying This time its the 1st last time it was the 26th divine timing dramatic nights so tiring get yelled at why it have to turn violent (?) just because im young that mean i gotta be quiet (?) Im sorry Rj for the shit you just saw swung past my dad and you hit me in my jaw thats the last last straw imma psychic both times i foresaw
hook: You can buy a piece for 5$ or you can can one for 200$ i work wit yo budget i work wit yo budget (x2) Verse: iont fuck wit no leather pants in my city niggas do the Blade dance fuck you and fake friends standing on the Bible but you standing on yo own land you know how it feel to be a artist and a black man Twisting up like i was hired for yo kids party they like "damn that nigga artsy" got a Copic fuck a Sharpie I just pulled 2 mangoes out my bag ole boy mad cuz i sprayed over his tag shit he should be glad Im drinking water call it Enki my thyroid fucked up man i need seaweed radiation coming out my TV bitch i got (had) a artshow last weekend Steal yo canvas you wont get it back taking art supplies i just got a knack now im painting on it and im smoking pack i said now im painting on it and im smoking pack You can buy a piece for 5$ or you can can one for 200$ i work wit yo budget i work wit yo budget You can buy a piece for 5$ or you can can one for 900$ i work wit yo budget i work wit yo budget


here's to nu beginnings
Thank You - First Born


released March 22, 2017

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First Born Art Detroit, Michigan

Damon Chamblis BKA First Born Art is a visual artist/producer/song-writer coming from Detroit, Michigan.His work often reflects on the subjects of esotericism,progression and social commentary. He wants to give the world something you can't find anywhere else. He's leaving his
mark in his city, but has his sights on global recognition.
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