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Change Is Supreme EP Prod DJ Coutz

by First Born Art

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Starlit Path 02:57
Intro I changed my mind again I changed my heart again I won't do it again what happened to your friend ? something's gotta give I'm barely making ends the cycle bout to end I can't take it no more Chorus: Oh nigga im the hoe ? Yo blood was on the flo my answer is still there is no you must think that I'm slow what kind of tip you on? your colors they was shown you talkin where my help? The blame not on myself I'm cold now i can't melt my bag is on the shelf made it easy for you here I don't gotta be here the trauma got me tore off my stu is next to the lofts I had a plan but got lost Cant nothing hurt I got crossed niggas just wanna get high if that's your way then it's bye I'm packing up for flight I got my ticket last night I'm going up on my price Its more than good and all right In your words i hear spite that used to be are every night This for my way of living I'm never done giving But do sumin wit it why you in my business? when you not in my business I need this imma risk it I sold it it's a diptych invested then I flipped it Verse 2 I don't got shit to prove I got a lot to lose Was just up on the news but it was positive respect my common sense Mint got me conditioned you don't know my position they shocked but bro I feel it that family beefing kill it you want but be pacific I love y'all both not picking Assert then I start tripping Releae control to gain it my heart beat fast I'm shaking you fam but I don't take it that crying you was faking I weaponize my thoughts Attachments shake em off Affirm don't care the cost Im first I know whats taught
Police Ask 03:03
Chorus: Police ask where I'm coming from I never feel like I'm done It seem like iont know whats fun that is not how you talk about a son monetize my passion the liquor got me spazzing the world on pause I'm adapting when they heart get heavy aint no famine Verse: Its branding not no bragging this moment got imagined it don't come without action don't care if you leave you distracting you sounding like you jealous I talk you up I can't help it. Time going fast and I'm selfish why you trying to act like you helpless I love you too I swear your actions I can't bear the trauma cut my hair your feelings I can't spare because you wasn't their resentment in the air that show up in your joints I think you missed my point Parting w my piece packing up I got a parcel what I said was a heartful I know it's my card but I'm not a Fool Ill add flame to that bridge I can't just chill at the crib put the LSD in the fridge you trying to take from me but not give my art resume better than my work I don't know where I'm going but its vert gas-lighting me but you started first flip it on me and say you hurt cant a artist in the whole city touch you I had stormed out the door and said fuck you puled his gun out but he wouldn't gone bust you acting like that glad I ain't touch you Put yo feelings a jar then i shake it up X pills from the jar got me waking up nigga saying he my brother but he snake as fuck if I spaz out then I had enough
Chorus: Travel with my talent but who knowing whats ahead 7 in the morning coming down in my bed Verse 1: Came back from Cali she said Lestein passed A meal tie me down in the morning Imma fast Im on to something new and it's showing in my craft I don't got to deal with her no mo and I'm glad Verse 2: That aint something that a real parent do twist my words you don't think I feel too You telling my little brother that I tried to kill you I heard it I was timid all I could say was Who coming back from New Orleans getting pulled over I might get obsessive if I'm looking for some closure I'm on Mechanic Street bout to meet with Mr Dozier I ain't know what I wanted so it came slower career on the roll just imagine when I'm older you playing on my name my own thing you getting lower Verse 3: Aint missing out on nothing I got something better doing magic out of desperation it's not getting better put the blame on me is so easy you not feeling better every month in my notes progress it is getting measured clear bags for the work keep the pieces clean me and BrandVisions talkin about what they mean put my heart into it and is bringing back some green time flying by can't be staring at no screen I aint deal with it even as a teen woke up to something that related to my dream
Playing Plan 02:15
Chorus: Dog aint with the action he just playing Dont feel no type of way im just saying Had to to think i aint know where i was staying You aint gone fix yo problem when you praying Verse Iont take it light when you playing with my life On Cloverlawn cry myself to sleep all at night It is what it is but I'm knowing that I'm right Raging in a room its fucking with my appetite Iont want nobody looking at me funny Cut my hair out then she took my money recording on the road so my vocals muddy it's more than making work you going to have to study saying that you got me but you try to get me pinned her down on the floor she tried to hit me Oh my God bro she just fucking bit me I don't even think about you cuz I'm busy I know you ain't call just to ask about my joints selling to the wrong crowd I don't see no point exaggerate to make me look bad what's the point
Chorus: I'm aint going to sleep Imma do another song leaving it alone cuz I'm knowing I wrong you know I can't speak for myself when I'm gone my client from the Netherlands we talkin on the phone who you trying to call on the bed you was thrown I got a show and a auction back-to-back I gotta show progress or I'm not on track I'm saying it so much that it become a fact I just dropped off a piece at Mercedes-Benz they sued a artist from my city I won't do again what can I say it's for my resume did my show and festival on the same day Ill make it rain blood on your land last year it was just me and Brand keep my distance if you lying on my hands couple habits that ain't going with my plans Outro Verse: Rolling off the X the words just roll off my tongue you saying that I'm timid but I ain't missing the sun Mama beefing with my uncle cuz he whipped out his gun think I broke her laptop when I started to run
Chorus: You cant Blow in yo bubble Almost got killed on Hubbell condemned so I can't speak subtle it's an inferno struggle Infernal meditation got me drowsy I say fuck them both cuz they clowned me Why would i help when you downed me ? Go for yo goal do it proudly Resentment in my heart still clearing Thought about Q kept tearing Trying to convince i aint hearing Stomach pains from the shrooms Interfering when I seen you in the spital couldn't deal but when I found out couldnt feel You'll get more sells with appeal started from my sketchbook made it real set up for the art show in the field I was trying to talk to you not kill it'll never walk out at its will fucking with my bro you ain't trying to heal professional chance I took In yo bubble so you get overlooked you got to hone down so they look they tried to play my uncle like a crook on the paper got my name up in print who pulled a gun out it was.. submit to the group show got sent when I'm in it make sure I stand out I'll help if you got it planned out I'll join when you make the first move should be putting all yo time into you had a art show right after school we got our own path I ain't mad need to take trying out my vocab N.O then to Cali Imma nomad Iont even fuck with my own dad I talking nobody in to work you still sound like you in the church you played with my fire and got burnt James died all day I've been hurt
I know what I'm doing now Iont gotta try knew I shouldn't have trust you when you quick to lie if it's for my craft then I'm quick to buy you dont really want it cuz you acting shy I got a cosmic urge right now in the town of purge belittle i done heard I helped you got some nerves subconscious conscious patterns from my childhood still acting out but they ain't no good I use the pen I don't knock on wood I ain't help why you think I should give a fuck what you said cuz I'm past you Argyle said he seen me in at astrals you know you did wrong cuz you bashful talkin about my piece featured in the raffle All that fake crying on the porch if you buy it at the show its gone you cost you more that ain't what I'm standing alone I cannot ignore long nights in the stu sleeping on the floor put my logo on my graduation cap your life enough I aint trying to get you back it ain't working cuz your mindset is lack shipping off a piece and I'm about to track it talking about my career I can back it put my site on the back of my jacket promote myself any chance that i get you might as well start now it ain't quick overseas I got 37 clicks got my art in the auction they aint bidding I know what it take to get it and Im willing in the mirror of my dream skin peeling tripping off a tab looking at the ceiling
Shinigami 03:36
Im climb into the clouds before it rain you still human you ain't transmute your pain my eyesight give me insight pick it up if it feel right I made the moon wearing brass I dropped a book you was in class Im that feeling one you drifting off to sleep heavy feeling on your chest you can't scream or speak offer it up but I don't need to eat Im the unexpected death that'll change yo day I'm the goal that you had but faded away circumstances wasnt good but you made you a way I respect that you stuck what's your plan they didn't expect that put your head down you won't regret that I'm the message that you hear in your favorite song might as well do it now cuz your time ain't long but I can't tell you when it is don't use this book on kids They aint judging what you did I'm the gnosis that you get when you meditating Im that part in yo brain that deal with patience you ain't ready for the prize I'm going to keep you waiting sentient thinking the flow of just being uninterrupted esoteric subjects that make your family upset enemies unknown Forces that's unshown Crossroads at the liquor store unobserved elsewhere pressure make you pull your hair a loss for words in your stare you can't survive here your heart too heavy For this you not ready You can't survive here soon as you came in i smelt yo fear impulsive spending virtue signaling compliment fishing shameful thoughts of sinning culture determines your living don't talk about it just live it you not ready for my image I cannot wait so now you finished it was good while it lasted


released July 30, 2020


all rights reserved



First Born Art Detroit, Michigan

Damon Chamblis BKA First Born Art is a visual artist/producer/song-writer coming from Detroit, Michigan.His work often reflects on the subjects of esotericism,progression and social commentary. He wants to give the world something you can't find anywhere else. He's leaving his
mark in his city, but has his sights on global recognition.
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